Ignition Church hasn’t been around for long, but in our short history, we’ve seen over 70 people be baptized, lives changed, relationships restored, and the mission of God move forward in our city.

That is why we do what we do. And the opportunity is open for you.

Join us starting June 7th for a 4 week series where we take a behind-the-scenes look at our church, to see more about who we are, what we’re all about, and why this matters far more than we may realize.

Week 1 • We Cannot Be Explained Apart from a Broken Heart

There’s a lot to be said about us as a church. We’re young, we’re passionate, we’re energetic, and we’re loud. But the underlying question is, why? Why in a city laden with churches, ministries, and bible studies have we started this thing? And why are we so excited about it?

Listen to hear why our drive has less to do with what we see around us, and more to do with what we’ve experienced inside of us.

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Week 2 • We Are Disciples Who Make Disciples

Sunday gatherings at Ignition are life-giving, energetic, and powerful experiences with God and His people. However, there is far more to Ignition than just songs and a sermon.

Listen to hear why we gladly use our lives to reach our city with the Gospel, and why Jesus’ commission to “Go and make disciples” means more than simply teaching a Sunday school class.

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Week 3 • We Have Nothing to Lose and Nothing to Prove

The dress code at churches is often a sticking point with people – should we dress up, dress down, dress to impress, or dress as we please? However, we find the most damaging thing people wear is their ‘happy face,’ when they try and convince everyone else (and even themselves) that they’re doing okay.

Listen to hear why at Ignition we make a point to have no pretense about ourselves or others, and why we celebrate honesty – not hypocrisy.

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Week 4 • We Are Relentless in Our Focus on the Gospel

For many people that have been exposed to, a part of, or consumed by the church world in the past, the story sounds all too familiar. Pray a prayer, raise a hand, make a commitment, and get to work. It’s like Jesus died for them, but it seems like there’s still a lot of stuff left to do, right?

Listen to hear why at Ignition Church, the Gospel isn’t just a diving board into a pool of morality – it’s the water in which we swim.

Sermon Audio

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