Baptism, Jesus, and Kids

On Sunday we had the privilege of baptizing 15 people – wow! Celebrate, church!!


Among the 15 that were baptized, 2 of them were children! These baptisms deserve some notice – not because they were special or sweet or sentimental, but because they were profound.


However, when I need to spend an entire sermon unpacking what baptism is and isn’t, and then staff our lobby with baptism counselors to help people understand the step they are taking, one can’t help but ask the question: how can a child possibly be ready to take that step?

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Sit With Me September

I think almost every single person in our church desires to see our community grow. We want to see our friends and family experience the love and freedom we are experiencing, and this desire is stronger than ever – a beautiful sign of the work of God in our lives. Also, I am more and more certain that Jesus wants to see our community grow, and that He wants to touch the lives of our friends and family just like He has touched ours.


In light of this is, a tension arises: If we all want it, and Jesus wants it, then what is the key to seeing His will for His Church come to pass?

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Neutral Turf

It’s officially mid-July, and we’re fast approaching the biggest day ever for our church: Party In The Park (

And as we approach July 31st, it’s safe to say that word is getting out. Posters are up. 1000+ invites have gone out, with more behind them. People are talking, clicking, and typing about it. The press release is getting ready to be released. Anticipation is growing. Response is steadily increasing. It’s awesome! And with all this comes the question: “Why are y’all doing this?”

The answer: We love Knoxville.
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Keep It 100

If you can’t tell from the all the talk on Facebook (and other social media as well), as a church we’re pretty stoked about the upcoming event we’re hosting for our city – Party In the Park.

I mean, can you blame us?? We get to throw an epic party where thousands of people show up.

I think it’s pretty cool.

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How to Save the Date, Part 2

This blog is a continuation of the last post which can be read here.

I think something inside us resonates when we hear the promise of being ever-satisfied by the well God has placed within us. We want to experience life like this. And the good news is this is how we are designed – as wells.

God did not design us to be dependent on outside sources that never satisfy. We are designed to live from the inside-out, life flowing from our soul, where we are one with Jesus (John 14:20). And becoming a well is the hope for all our relationships.

But how?

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