How to Save the Date, Part 2

This blog is a continuation of the last post which can be read here.

I think something inside us resonates when we hear the promise of being ever-satisfied by the well God has placed within us. We want to experience life like this. And the good news is this is how we are designed – as wells.

God did not design us to be dependent on outside sources that never satisfy. We are designed to live from the inside-out, life flowing from our soul, where we are one with Jesus (John 14:20). And becoming a well is the hope for all our relationships.

But how?

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How To Save The Date, Part 1

Last Sunday, we kicked off our spring relationship series called Save The Date – saving marriages before they start and before they end. When marriages are failing it’s not good for anyone in the family unit or in the community, so caring for marriages is an important role for the church to play. If we are going to love our city well, we need to teach, learn, and support one another in our relationships.


We started this series by looking at Jesus’ interaction with “the woman at the well” who was notorious for her failed marriages. We saw how Jesus went out of his way, breaking all religious boundaries to show her his love and offer her life that would prevent her past from continuing to repeat itself. In His interaction with her, He revealed the core issue and cure of every broken relationship.

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Easter at Ignition Church

This weekend is Easter!


This is not only the biggest day of the year on the church calendar, but it is actually the biggest day in the history of humanity. Why is that? Because it represents the resurrection of Jesus.

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Galatians :: Bonus Track

  • Our latest series of sermons titled “Galatians: Jesus Wants To Save Christians Too” has really stirred a lot up in the hearts of our community. I think we’re discovering that a lot of us live with residual amounts of religion in our life without realizing it. Yeah, we embrace Jesus and His grace, but we still operate a little bit transactional in our relationship with God. And if Paul makes any point in Galatians, it is that any little bit of religion actively steals our freedom in Christ. Any way that we try to tame the Gospel – that nothing we could do would make God love us more or less – limits our experience with our Father…and consequently limits our growth.
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Calling All Interns!

Are you a college student who is a part of Ignition? Or did you just graduate but don’t have a full-time job yet? Do you want your summer (and life) to make a difference, to be a part of something bigger than yourself?


Then we have the opportunity of a lifetime for you! Starting this month, we are opening up a summer internship with the Ignition Church staff.

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Love Week was last week…now what?

Love Week was a huge success!


We set a goal of serving 500 hours, and smashed through it serving over 1,000!
We set a goal of giving $3,500, and smashed through it giving over $4,500 to our outreach partners!


There is SO much to celebrate.

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