Kingdom Coming

This weekend is big for us, Ignition Church. Pledge Sunday is this Sunday.

This is when we show our city that we love them and show our our Father that we trust Him paving the way for Him to move by our faith. This is when we step out and God steps in.

But I know for some of you the question remains:

“Can I be a part of this? Is it possible on an average income to be generous?”

I want to share with you some stories of people in our community who are taking steps to follow through with their hands what God has begun in their heart.

I hope you’re encouraged!

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Kingdom Come – Pledge Sunday

11 days.

We are only 11 days away from the final Sunday of our Kingdom Come sermon series, a special day that we’re calling Pledge Sunday. And to be honest with you, I’m surprised by how excited I am for it.

We have been planning and preparing for our Kingdom Come series for months, but I honestly never imagined it would be this powerful. How God is speaking and the stories of our people responding are beautiful! It’s amazing to see the Father caring for His children’s hearts, and witness hands begin to open in response.

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Ghost and Goblins

We just finished a 2 week focus in our community on spiritual opposition. In this Ghost and Goblins sermon series, we all began to recognize the lies from the enemy that hold us back from God’s best in our lives, and we learned about the power we have been given by the Holy Ghost to walk away from temptation. Part of me wants to recap everything I taught in written form because I believe it’s so powerful, but I’ll settle for giving you the link to the sermons, here.

I am very grateful for all our Father taught us over the past 2 weeks, and now I’m even more excited about where our church is headed and the growing influence we have in our city! But the same time, I know the opposition won’t disappear from our lives. The chatter of the enemy won’t stop in our heads.
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Happy Birthday!

Ignition Church, we just celebrated our 3rd birthday!

Everything has changed in 3 years. In fact, I wrote the opening sentence differently than I would have 3 years ago.

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I am super excited for our new sermon series on identity starting this weekend: be. 

Arguably the most powerful series our church has experienced together was one we did over a year ago called Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  We had life-changing responses to that series, and still have people listen to it today and say the same thing.

And now, it’s time that we talk about it again as a community. I’m so ready to share all God has continued to show me about who I am, and for you and your guest to experience the same thing for yourselves! I’m also ready for you and your guest to experience our 3D (yep, 3D) opener. So as a teaser (and to help you know what to say as you invite your friends), I wrote the following little excerpt about what we’ll be focusing on.

Enjoy, and go get somebody to come with you this Sunday!

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