Mid-Week Audioblog • March 4, 2015

What a weekend!

This past Sunday, I got the pleasure of preaching about the effect of honesty in our relationships with God. We had a powerful time together as a church family, and many people were set free from the need to “fake it” in their suffering and struggle.

This week’s audioblog discusses why we struggle with honesty, how the Gospel frees us to be honest, and my own experience in getting fully open and honest with God. It’s worth a listen, if I don’t say so myself.

I’ll see you and your guest on Sunday!

Audioblog • 3.4.15

Mid-Week Audioblog • February 25, 2015

Hey, church!

Hope all of your weeks have all gotten off to a good start. To those of you stuck at home with kids, I’m praying that Knox County Schools open back up soon. To those of you having to brave the treacherously slushy roads, I’m praying that your shoes don’t get too wet.

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Welcome to the Audio Blog!

Hey church!

One of the goals I gave myself this year is to make the Gospel that I preach on Sunday show up in your week. In other words, take the concepts from my sermon and make it more accessible throughout the week. A lot of what I preach on Sunday is very conceptual, and though it’s powerful sometimes it doesn’t always get a chance to land on the ground of your Monday through Saturday.

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