Ghost and Goblins

We just finished a 2 week focus in our community on spiritual opposition. In this Ghost and Goblins sermon series, we all began to recognize the lies from the enemy that hold us back from God’s best in our lives, and we learned about the power we have been given by the Holy Ghost to walk away from temptation. Part of me wants to recap everything I taught in written form because I believe it’s so powerful, but I’ll settle for giving you the link to the sermons, here.

I am very grateful for all our Father taught us over the past 2 weeks, and now I’m even more excited about where our church is headed and the growing influence we have in our city! But the same time, I know the opposition won’t disappear from our lives. The chatter of the enemy won’t stop in our heads.
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BONUS TRACKS // Small Sex, Big Grace

The following is a Bonus Track – an extension of the sermon from this past weekend’s worship experience. Check out the entire sermon audio here.

Sex is a sensitive subject because of it’s deeply personal and private nature. Often times it gets handled by parents and pastors in an insensitive and short (black & white) way because of the awkward nature of conversing about it. In this series and specifically this past weekend I have chosen to speak candidly about it – handling it with care, from the heart, and casting a godly vision for it.

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How to Get Naked

This past week I preached a sermon to help men, specifically single men, live out the life God has called them to and the life they long to live. The life where they move out in spite of the fear of failure, pursue their passions, and carry out their responsibilities.

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Losing Dreams or Gaining Christ

I’ve really enjoyed addressing fear and insecurity head on the past few weeks at Ignition during our series Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. Much of what I have taught during this series has come from my own personal wrestlings over the past 2 years, some of which I shared in detail this past Sunday. In light of that sermon, I thought that this blog would be appropriate to share this week.

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