Everybody hurts. We all face things that we don’t plan for – no matter who we are or what we believe. Control seems to be the answer.

But is it helping? 
Learn the healthy and helpful response to suffering, and find freedom from the prison of control.

Control Freak – a new sermon series starting February 22nd at Ignition Church. Time and location information can be found here.

Week 1 • Freaky Me

We’re all control freaks. Whether we can readily admit it or not, we all have the innate tendency to tighten our grip around something – our lifestyles, our comforts, our relationships, our careers.

But where does this come from? We’d all like to be free of these constraints, but we cling to them anyways. So, how can we be set free?

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Week 2 • Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty in our everyday lives is noteworthy. Honesty in church is a novel concept. Honesty in social media is non-existent.

Why do we struggle with honesty? In all of our efforts to look the part, we can’t help but notice how our relationship with God is effected. It begs the question: could we be missing out on something?

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Week 3 • :+1:, :facepunch:, :muscle:, and :raised_hands:

When we suffer and struggle, we all respond different ways. We minimize and say it’s not a big deal. We manage and try to control the situation and our pain. We moralize and attempt to make something good out of something bad. As expected, none of these ever work for long.

But if control isn’t the answer, what is?

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Week 4 • Why Does God Allow Suffering?

So far, we’ve covered how we are all control freaks, why we struggle with honesty, and how we respond to suffering in our lives. In the final week of our series on the book of Job, we find one of the most age-old questions clearly brought to light – if God is good, why does He allow suffering?

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