New year, new goals, new priorities, new you. This is the common refrain you’ll hear in January. But it begs the question: where does God factor in? Well, the answer may be different than you think.

Don’t Put Jesus First This Year – a series about why less is more.

Week 1 • Don’t Put Jesus First
To kick off the new year, Pastor Hunter introduced the concept of not putting Jesus first in our lives, but rather putting Jesus into every part of our lives. Then two of our very own, Brad Burling and Josh Narron, shared from their own stories of having God at the center of everything.

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Week 2 • Jesus Be the Center of Your Church
For week two of Don’t Put Jesus First This Year, Pastor Hunter preached on the current condition of our church, and how things will be changing for 2014. Most significantly, he showed how Love Shares will become a greater focus for us as a church family, and how to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of us prioritizing this value.

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