“Who are you?”

This is about the most important question we can answer as a society, a culture, and as individuals. But how do we go about finding our identity? What and who should we allow to define us? As a church and as followers of Christ, our best bet is to always pay attention when Jesus says, “I am.”


Week 1 • I Am the Resurrection and the Life
It’s Easter at Ignition! To kick off our new series and celebrate the resurrection of Christ, Pastor Hunter preached on a passage from John 11 where Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life.” In his sermon, Pastor Hunter showed that Christ does not bring us life when we bring him our best efforts, but that HE is life – no matter what we bring Him.


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Week 2 • Before Abraham Was Born, I Am
In week 2 of our series, we covered Jesus’ radical claims of who He was and who belonged to the family of God. Pastor Hunter showed us that Jesus’ words draw a distinct line between following Him and following religion – and that following Him is not for the people “who get it right.”

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Week 3 • I Am the Bread of Life
For week three of our series, we had Pastor Josh Duncan of Reflection Church visit us and preach a powerful message out of John 6. In his sermon, Pastor Josh preached on the hunger we all face, Jesus as the ultimate – and only – satisfaction, and the question, “What’s feeding you?”

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Week 4 • I Am Who I Am
Week 4 of the series brought with it a guest very special and close to the heart of Pastor Hunter and the church – Pablo Giacopelli. In his message, Pablo explored how God presents Himself to us as a God of the present, and how if we are to experience God fully we must do so moment by moment.

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Week 5 • I Am the Gate
For week 5 of I Am Changes Who I Am, we looked at John 10 where Jesus says, “I am the gate.” Pastor Hunter showed us Jesus is not so interested in declaring who is and who isn’t getting in, but is more focused on revealing who He is and who we are in Him.

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Week 6 • I Am the Good Shepard
For week 6 of I Am Changes Who I Am, we explored the familiar passage in which Jesus refers to himself as the Good Shepard. Pastor Hunter brought life to the analogy of Jesus as the Shepard and us as the sheep, and explained how Jesus leads us from the inside-out.

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Week 7 • I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Week 7 of I Am Changes Who I Am found us in John 14, where Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Pastor Hunter preached a powerful sermon on Jesus’ way not merely being a narrow path of behavior or a ticket to heaven, but an invitation to life here and now – connecting us to what God has already placed inside of us.

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Week 8 • I Am the Light of the World
For week 8 of I Am Changes Who I Am, we dove into John chapter 8 when Jesus says, “I am the Light of the World.” Pastor Hunter showed us that Jesus was not only declaring Himself to be light, but also that we as His people are light – not taken over by Jesus, but brought to life by Him.

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Week 9 • I Am the Vine
In the final week of I Am Changes Who I Am, we covered the passage in John 5 where Jesus says, “I am the vine.” Pastor Hunter preached on the warning and the promise that Jesus gives us, and the opportunity we have to live full lives as part of the vine – lives that count for eternity.

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