Around 50% of Americans have prayed some sort of “sinners prayer” to ensure they go to heaven. Yet, less than half of those attend church, even less claim to read their Bible, and still even less have lifestyle choices different than that of non-Christians.

We face a crisis in our nation of not knowing what it means to follow Jesus.

I Have Decided – a series all about the decision to follow Jesus, and what that means for your life.

Week 1 • Born Identity

In our country – especially in the South – plenty of people have prayed a prayer, dedicated their lives, or accepted Jesus at some point. This is what Christianity looks like for a large number of people.

But what does Jesus say it means to become a Christian? Is this all there is, or is there more to salvation than what we’ve been told?

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Week 2 • What Now?

Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus making some fairly large claims – who He is, what He was sent to do, and what the Kingdom of God is and isn’t. But perhaps the most difficult thing to hear is what he asks of His followers.

Deny yourself. Take up your cross. Follow me. Kind of a tall order, isn’t it?

So, what does it look like to follow Jesus in today’s world?

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We also had the privilege of hearing the baptism story of Aaron Wilson, which you can now watch here:

Week 3 • While It Was Still Dark

From weeks 1 and 2 of the series, we have seen what salvation is and what it looks like to follow Jesus. But there remains one question: what does He promise to us if we decide to follow Him? There has to be some compelling reason to follow Jesus, right? Is it just a ticket into heaven, or is there something more in the here and now?

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