Our work calendars, our social schedules, our lives, even our closets – they all seem to be jam-packed. How are we supposed to follow Jesus when we’re bursting at the seams? Our lives are so full, but are we actually full of life?

Margin – a series about making room… for the full life.

Week 1 • The Oil is In The House
We all find ourselves falling into the same trap – we fill our lives up, and seemingly leave no room for God. We can try all we like to manage our schedules better, but ultimately we won’t find the source of the problem, or the solution. And that’s because most of the time, we’re looking in the wrong place.

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Week 2 • Creating Margin
The definition for Margin is the amount beyond what is necessary – the difference between what you have and what you need. It’s clearly an important part of anyone’s life, so why do we have such a difficult time making room for it? Perhaps the key to understanding how margin works is to first make some room for it in your own life.

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Week 3 • Moral Margin
There are a some areas in our lives where it is obvious we need margin, like our time and finances. But what about establishing moral margin? Especially where there’s some gray area – which is practically everywhere – what are we supposed to do? It may surprise us to learn that moral margin has less to do with reigning in our actions, and more to do with the roots that they come from.

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Week 4 • Missional Margin
Being missional – it’s a term that we hear in church, get excited about, but then struggle to follow through. How in the world are we supposed to find time for something as all-consuming as the mission of God? Maybe it’s time we take a hard look at what the mission of God is, and why fitting it in our schedules could be the wrong approach altogether.

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