Faith is tricky. When times get tough and the chips are down, we are often told to simply “keep the faith.” But what does that actually mean? Is faith just positive thinking – a Christian-ized form of optimism?

Are we really just supposed to keep calm and carry on?

Week 1 • What Fuels You?
For week one of Mr. Brightside, we got the privilege to hear from Josh Narron – graphic designer and member of the core team at Ignition Church. In his sermon, Josh shared from his own life and how faith has sustained, changed, and fueled his ability to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

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Week 2 • Emotionalism and Factualism
For week two of Mr. Brightside, we had the opportunity to hear from Brad Burling – creative director at Ignition and member of the core team. In his sermon, Brad showed us how optimism is often nothing more than emotionalism, and faith is based on something far greater and foundational – facts.

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Week 3 • Which Is It?
Week 3 of Mr. Brightside brought a powerful sermon from Pastor Hunter about where action fits within the framework of our faith. Pastor Hunter showed us that God clearly calls us to not simply wait on Him to do everything, but to get moving, work, and watch Him move in the process.

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Week 4 • Where is Your Hope?
Pessimism extinguishes our hope; optimism gives us false hope. But faith changes everything because faith transfers our hope. The only question is – where?

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