I ♥ My Church

We celebrate a lot of things in our culture.

We have participation trophies for tee-ball, preschool graduations (you know you love them), not to mention Hollywood’s 55 awards shows a year that draw millions of viewers. Well, we think, why not take time to celebrate the thing that Jesus celebrates: The local church?!

Nothing against the Grammy’s. We hope Drake brings one home this year too. But the thing is, it won’t matter in 5 years who won a Grammy. However, it will still matter in 5000 years, what Jesus does in the lives of people through His church. And Jesus is doing a lot in Ignition Church which means we have a lot to celebrate!

So on August 12th we are starting a brand new series of messages all about who we are as a church. We’re titling it I ♥ My Church (“Love” or “Heart” – However you want to pronounce it is good with us). We’re taking 6 weeks to celebrate what God is doing and talk about why we do what we do.

To kick it off, we are GIVING AWAY gifts! What’s a celebration without gifts?! If you join us on August 12th, you will receive one of these sweet T-shirts!! That’s right, everyone who is there that day gets a FREE t-shirt! But you have to be there to get it!

We know you love your church and want others to experience it, so this is an easy and stylish (and super-comfy if we do say so) way to get the word out! This is also a great series to invite your friends and family. They may have questions about our church like “Why are we always so happy to see people?” and this will answer them. So bring them with you, and even if they don’t like it, at least they get a nice shirt out of the deal.

Can’t wait to see you and your guest this Sunday, August 12th!