Sex in the Scruffy City – a sermon series about dating, relationships, marriage, and… you know. All the things we love to talk about, and what God has to say about them.

Week 1 • Animals
Sex – it’s all around us. But for too long, the church has refused to discuss it, deal with it, or in some cases even talk about it. And it’s high time that changed. For the first week of the series, we deal with the most basic elements of our identity in God’s image. How does our humanity inform our sexuality?

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Week 2 • The Turning

Being a single woman in a Christian culture that sometimes deifies marriage is not only lonely, but can sometimes feel downright shameful. When you see all the other women around you find someone and get married, what are you supposed to do? This week, Pastor Hunter talked with our Discipleship Director Priscilla Molina, and explored the turning all of us – not just women – have made, and the returning we must all undertake.


Week 3 • Divine Dust
Single guys – often seen as the bane of society. When will they finally get their acts together, right? It can be fun to beat up and pile on this seemingly easy target, but what does God have to say about single guys? How does He view them? Perhaps there’s more than meets the eye, and perhaps God knows something greater about their potential and promise – and we should all pay attention.


Week 4 • Sibling to Spouse
Dating is one of the most prevalent, confusing, desired, and misunderstood parts about relationships in our society. It begs the question: why is this so difficult? Maybe there’s something we don’t know about dating – and something God knows about us – that will reveal why dating can be such a problem. 

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Week 5 • Two Become One
When it comes to marriage, we are constantly in search of a solution. Whether it’s 3 steps, 4 tips, or 5 ways to to a better marriage – we’re all ears. But what does God have to say about it? In Genesis, God describes marriage as two becoming one. But what if there’s something more to it? What if two becoming one isn’t just about marriage?

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Week 6 • Called
People get married for all sorts of reasons… some good, some not so much. But for marriage to truly thrive, it has to be made up of more than just compatibility. It has to be a calling. But what does that look like? How can one practically walk out their assignment as a spouse?

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Week 7 • Small Sex, Big Grace
The sermon we’ve all been waiting for, the topic we’ve been dying to hear about – sex. Culture seems to make a big deal about it, but does God? Listen and see why God’s view of sex – His design for it – is much larger than any of us could ever imagine.

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