The gap. It’s between what we expect and what we experience. It’s where our dreams die and passions fade. It’s often the birthplace of our frustration, disappointment, and discouragement. But, there’s a solution. There is a way to reconcile this space between.

In this series we learn about the Expectation Gap – and the God who is able to bridge it all.

Week 1 • The Greatest Source of My Frustration
For the first week of this new series, Pastor Hunter introduced The Expectation Gap as not just one that will impact us as a church, but that has impacted him tremendously on a personal level. In this sermon, Pastor Steven of Elevation Church lays out what our response should be to the frustration in our lives in light of who Jesus is.

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Week 2 • Even Now, Somehow
For week 2 of The Expectation Gap, we once again had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. In his sermon, Pastor Steven preached about what to do when we have expectations of what God is going to do in our lives, and then… He doesn’t.

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Week 3 • Seat of Honor
For week 3 of The Expectation Gap, we once again got to hear from Pastor Steven Furtick about one of the hardest expectations to deal with: those that others place on you. Pastor Steven would show us how even though the weight of these expectations can and will be crushing, that our response is much more important – and easier – than we’d expect.

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Week 4 • Everything I’ve Ever Done
To finish out the series, Ignition had the honor of hearing Pastor Jonathan Martin preach on what to do when you have failed to meet your own expectations – or simply just blown it. In his sermon, Pastor Jonathan reveals the radical way in which God loves, forgives, and calls us to take on the identity we were always meant to have as His children.

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