We crave relationship like we crave entertainment – we run on it, we’re built for it, we need it. However, we often find ourselves trying to get it as quickly and conveniently as possible. And like a Buzzfeed article or a Snapchat post, no matter how good it is, it’s here today and gone tomorrow… or sooner.

But what if there was something better? What if there was something more fulfilling, and what if we decided to make the choice for it?

Join us starting April 12th for Tender – a series about finding relationships that last.

Week 1 • Start with the End in Mind

Butterflies, googly eyes, and fun times – for most of us, this is compatibility. However, it usually wears off a few months in, and statistics show it’s completely gone a year and a half in.

When it comes to dating and relating, we know we should be looking for more. So exactly how does God say we should go about looking for it?

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Week 2 • Swipe Right, Then Swipe Left

Whether it’s in person, over the phone, or through an app, all relationships start basically the same way. Flashing a smile. Laughing at a joke. Swiping to the right.

But the beginning is just that – the beginning. The question is: how do we make relationships last for the long haul? If we swiped right to start it, which way do we swipe to sustain it?

Week 3 • Why Sex Ruins Everything

Sex is powerful. Just saying the word conjures up all sorts of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. The church has long been either silent about it’s place in our lives, or shouted about it’s use in our culture.

So, what’s the right approach? Can we, as Christians, talk about sex in an honest way that engages culture and also honors God? Listen and see why simply understanding sex rightly changes our view of it practically.

Week 4 • Imitation Game

If you’ve been married for any length in time, you’ve experienced the difficulty of loving your spouse well. We’re told that we’re supposed to “put the other person first,” but often it feels like we’re just letting ourselves become a doormat, right? And further, are we sure that it actually helps?

This week, we see how serving your spouse in marriage isn’t simply a principle to be followed, but rather a power to be released.

Week 5 • A Sermon for (H)aters

We all want to feel full. There’s never been anyone who walks around comfortably being empty and incomplete. The trouble is that most of us have bought into the idea that the right relationship, if we can find or achieve it, will solve our problems.

Listen and find out why your desire for fulfillment is not a bad thing, but how finding it has very little to do with searching for it.