The Mystery Hidden for Ages is a series about God – who is unknown, but not anonymous. For 4 weeks we will go through 4 passages in the book of Ephesians in which Paul talks about the mystery of the Gospel, and how God has revealed Himself to us in them.

Week 1 • The Mystery of Salvation
In week one of The Mystery, we had the great privilege to hear from one of Ignition Church’s greatest influences, Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. In his video sermon, Pastor Steven explored how our salvation determines our purpose, and how our purpose can open our lives up to the power of God’s Spirit in us.

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Week 2 • There’s a Bathroom on the Right
For week two of The Mystery Hidden for Ages, Pastor Hunter spoke on the purpose and power of prayer – that prayer is not primarily about getting results from God, but rather, drawing closer to God.

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Week 3 • Flush It Out
Week 3 of The Mystery Hidden For Ages was all about finding our identity in Christ. Pastor Hunter preached a profound message on the way in which we change – not by behavior modification, but by heart transformation.

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Week 4 • The Mystery of Family
For the final week of The Mystery Hidden for Ages, we had the great privilege of hearing from Pastor Mark Driscoll on the topic of family, and more specifically the role of men in the family. In his sermon, Pastor Mark discussed that a family of believers in Christ should aim to reflect the family of God – our fathers loving in the same way as God the Father has loved His church.

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